Carolyn Silva Management


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Are you a career driven actor/actress/model, looking for the road to SUCCESS?


Well you have come to the right person! I am looking to find actors, actresses and models who really want to take their career to the highest level. 


I'm not interested in people who are not ready to succeed.  I've wasted too much time with people who say they want reliable management but never follow through. 


If you are serious about your career as an artist, I can help!  I have been in the industry for more than twenty years.  I have a small list of clients that I work with, but I'm capable of handling many more. 


I require that all my clients study acting. I want people who will listen, have goals and love diversity. I want people who I can be proud of when I see them on television, in movies, in magazines and even on billboards. The sky is the limit! Let's give it some STARS!


All of my clients are responsible for their own head-shots. This is your business card in the industry. They will be mailed to potential employers as well as posted on the web. Photos are to be updated every 12 months. This ensures that casting directors, photographers and modeling agencies are always receiving photos of the person they're going to hire.  You should have several different looks. Remember "looks are everything," in this industry!  


My knowledge of this industry, combined with my enthusiasm for management service, makes me an excellent source to help you jump start your career.


In closing, I would like to say that, this will not come easy! This is very competitive industry. If you like to compete, and you are a real go-getter, I would like to meet with you to dicuss the possibility of us working together.  

click on my guest book and sign it. Or email me at and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.